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About Connect Communications

25 years building expert knowledge of the 2-way radios market.

Being independent means that we’re free to advise our clients on the very best solution for their industry.

Although we specialise in providing equipment and maintenance for Motorola 2 way radios, we retain absolute freedom from being aligned to any particular manufacturer so we can recommend the best solution to our

Analogue-to-digital migration specialists.

We have also become experts in system migration from analogue-to-digital two way radios, though we also provide analogue two way radios. (Please contact us if you need assistance in deciding if going digital is right for your business.)

Sourcing the best products globally while supporting the local economy.

We spend the time researching and sourcing technology from all over the world to ensure that you receive the very best products this world has to offer. However, we also ensure that we support Australian jobs by having products designed, tested and packaged locally.

Vigorous market testing and trials ensure that once our two-way radios and equipment get to you, you are assured superior quality and reliable operation.

Constantly expanding our expertise in 2 way radios and beyond.

We believe in ongoing education for our technical staff in order to ensure we are always at the top of our game with the latest and highest quality technology and procedures. This way we can ensure rapid and effective response for two-way radios support and repairs, with these expert staff being on-call nationwide to assist you. And if we need to take some of your technology away to repair or upgrade, your support package with us includes supplementary equipment to ensure your communications are not disrupted.

Multi-industry two way radio specialists.

Our experience also spans multiple industries, with our staff having detailed knowledge of the requirements of police, casinos, hotels, mining and many other industries. Browse our two-way radios by industry for more information.

Customised accessories.

Utilising our rich knowledge base, we design and distribute our own earpieces, creating masterpieces in communication technology. We can confidently say that you will not find a more extensive range of high-quality two-way radio accessories anywhere else in Australia.

Unequalled two-way radio services across Australia

Connect Communications has always taken measures to ensure consistent, high quality services for our customers. Reaching out from major capital cities across Australia, we are proud to provide outstanding design, maintenance and service of 2 way radio products at competitive prices.

We provide warranties and support policies that are directed towards peace of mind for clients, ensuring that you are not inconvenienced in any way by unexpected and unpredictable external issues.

Our staff are trained to the highest level, with a focus on efficiency and exceptional customer service, ensuring that our clients are always treated with an engaging smile and a professional, but human manner.

Contact us now in your nearest capital city or call us on 1300 784 611 and experience our first-class customer service for yourself.