Tactical Remote Speaker Mic – Water Resistant with Front PTT

The Ultra High Tier Tactical Remote Speaker Mic has been designed and developed as a reliable, heavy Duty Microphone that can be depended on. The Speaker Mic features dual push-to-talk, both front and conventional side push-to-talk and has been designed with the User in mind. Designed for ultimate reliability and to be used in high impact environments the Tactical Speaker Mic is water resistant and features a metal reinforced 360 degree rotating clothing clip. It has also been designed with a powerful speaker, which omits a clear and load audio stream in noisy environments.

The NATO plug connector means that inter-changeability between external specialized headsets and speaker mic can be used at all times.

Features & Benefits:

  • NATO plug – connectivity to Throat Mic OR Helmet Kit head set options.
  • Dual PTT – Conventional Side and also Front PTT
  • Powerful Speaker for noisy environments
  • Water resistant Speaker Mic, polyurethane jacket cable & polycarbonate sealed housing
  • Heavy-duty metal reinforced 360 degree rotating clothing clip