Two-way radios to improve communication and workplace safety.

Construction and warehousing have one main necessity in common: vast teams who need to stay in constant communication with each other to ensure efficiency of workflow and workplace safety. Find the right two-radio communications solution to give your workforce a productivity and safety boost it needs.

 Reach everyone, everywhere with two way radios built to military standards:

Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your military-grade 2 way radios are able to withstand the rigours of construction and manufacturing sites.

  • Ensure crisp voice communication regardless of environment noise.
  • A full range of completely customisable features allows you to build a communications network ideal for your requirements: including team alerts, hand-free communication for drivers and custom-designed applications to name just a few.
  • Use Motorola accessories and repeater systems to ensure crystal clear and comfortable two way radio communication over long distances and in a variety of situations.

We recommend the following two-way radios for use in warehouses and the construction industry:

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