Motorola Two Way Radios

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When you need a two-way radio that is feature rich, has the best voice announcement features and intelligent audio, Motorola two way radios are on the top list. They enable easy communication in difficult work environments and provide solutions to ensure safety and improved efficiency. Motorola digital two-way radios offer best-in-class audio for your unique communication needs.

Motorola two way radios are widely used in Hotels, Manufacturing, Schools, Warehouse, and security industries in Australia for instant communication. Listed below are just some of the built-in features that enhance the safety while working:

  • Motorola two-way radios push-to-talk (PTT) feature is used to instantly connect with management, office staff, security and operational employees, immediate communications is always available when most needed.
  • A built-in emergency button can be enabled to send an alert in the event of an incident to ensure the safety of users.
  • Motorola digital two-way radios are built with a powerful audio amplifier, clear speech, with noise cancellation for better accessibility.

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