Heavy Duty Dual Throat Mic

Producing clear audio and developed with the latest technology, Connects Heavy Duty Dual Throat Mic has been developed to sustain impact and provide tactical communications in industrial environments. Developed with the latest technology the headset provides clear communication by picking up the vocal vibrations and sound produced from the users vocal cords and blocking out any background noise. The Premium Throat Mic features an acoustic air tube for superior comfort and communication and as well as VOX. Features Heavy duty premium throat mic. Industrial design. Picks-up vocal vibrations from the users vocal cords, blocking out background noise. Dual push-to-talk. Acoustic airtube produced from heavy-duty surgical tubing. Exceptionally clear audio with tactical touch push-to-talk. VOX option available. Push-to-talk for tactical systems with oversize button. Reinforced cabling providing maximum durability and strain relief.