Two-way radios are essential for the productivity of mining operations.

Connect Communication understands the dangers and realities faced by those working in the mining industry. We understand that Two Way radios and accessories need to be high quality, solid, extremely rigorous and reliable to ensure you can communicate easily in noisy environments. Your mining two way radio very quickly becomes the most important tool you have.

At Connect Communications, we have over twenty-five years of expert experience providing integrated communications solutions for the mining industry.

Noise cancelling radio headsets and intrinsically safe two-way radios & can be critical to ensuring safe, fast and reliable communications. We have even specifically developed a ‘tunnel link’ system for mine sites, using the & Mototrbo DR3000 Repeater that is easily installed and takes your safety to the next level.

With customers that include Rio Tinto, BHP Billiton, Lendlease and Easternwell our years of experience can assist with all system and two way radio requirements.

We offer a specialised range of reliable two-way radios backed by exceptional service.

  • Choose from the largest range of mining two-way radio products specifically designed to endure noisy and rugged industry environments
  • Access support anywhere in Australia from Connect Communications offices located in capital cities across the nation.
  • Find a solution tailored to your needs, using short or long term rentals which also includes specialised support and 24/7 repair services.

Two-way radio options that we recommended for the mining industry:

Improve your mining two-way radio communications technology and witness a genuine increase in efficiency when using the latest in radio and communications technology. Call us on1300 784 611 to talk to one of our fully trained staff at anyone of our offices in a capital city near you. Our experienced team would happy to assist you with communications solutions to suit your needs.