Interchangeable Twist Connect Ear Microphone Range Earpieces

Developed by Connect Communication, the Interchangeable Twist Earpiece allows the operations to leave the microphone earpiece on the radio at ALL times while allowing different users to swap their preferred choice of earpiece when changing shifts.

Ideal for Hotels, Casinos or major sporting complexes the earpiece design now gives you the flexibility to wear the earpiece of your choice while also ensuring hygiene safety is met.

The new Connect Twist design now gives you total flexibility, your choice of earpieces:

  • Airtube Style Earpiece
  • Earhook Style Earpiece
  • D-Cup Style Earpiece

Features and Benefits:

  • Total safety and optimal Hygiene
  • Interchangeable earpiece “swap & connect” design
  • 360 degree rotating clothing clip
  • Soft earpiece to ensure maximum comfort
  • Highest quality mic which produces clear audio while transmitting