Motorola CP476

The Motorola CP476 is an easy-to-use radio which, when operating on the Citizen Band, does away with the need for licensing, contracts or fees.

It is ideal for any small operation wanting a simple, affordable UHF CB radio built to the commercial quality you need.

With 80 CB channels and 5 programmable channels (450-480MHz), the CP476 also boasts built-in voice scrambling providing enhanced privacy and communication while improving work efficiency. Its durable, lightweight and compact design is comfortable to use and is ideal for retail, education and hospitality applications as well as the rugged industrial environments of construction and manufacturing.

Feature & Benefits

  • Multi-Channel Capability – 80 CB channels and 5 user programmable channels
  • IP54 Rated against Dust and Water
  • Crisp, clear and strong audio quality
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