Wireless Covert Earpiece

Specifically designed for covert tactical operations, the Connect WCT91 Earpiece allows the user to communicate wirelessly while blending into the surroundings. The wireless earpiece has been designed for covert operations and features a completely discreet earpiece that connects to the wireless neckloop.

The WCT91 is a lightweight and is technically designed for comfort during prolonged and sustained use. The receiver is completely concealed in the ear and the user can listen to incoming communications in complete privacy.

The wireless WCT91 is designed for use by Police, Security, SWAT Initiatives, Correctional Services and Casinos. Suits the complete range of Motorola Radios including XTS3000/5000 and APX Digital Radios and Mototrbo Radios

Features & Benefits:

  • Discrete and covert communications
  • Wireless
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Reliable and efficient

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