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6 Reasons Why Two Way Radios Are Important To Improving Warehouse Communications

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Warehouses across Australia have one main necessity in common: teams who need to stay in constant communication with each other to ensure efficiency of workflow and workplace safety. In any warehouse there are numerous every day to day activities, involving people, processes, equipment and safety which are paramount. Not staying informed on what is happening on the warehouse floor can cause inefficiencies and confusion in operations. Two Way Radios are key to warehouse communications and keeping employees safe and equipment operating.


Performance beyond mobile cell phones

To get the job effectively, relying on cell phones and pagers is not the most efficient because these devices are prone to poor reception, taking time to connect multiple parties, relaying information and coordinate processes can reduce efficiency. Mobile phones have drawbacks such as limited battery power, background noise, and weakened security. Moreover, they’re an expensive option rather than two way radios when it comes to factory communications.

Benefits of Todays Two Way Radios 

Two way radios are in many cases a more efficient and dependable Communication solution for many reasons.

Push to Talk

One of the greatest benefits of using two way radios is that they allow for push-to-talk communications. Instant Connections can be started instantly with the click of a button unlike dialing a cell phone and waiting for a response. In situations of plant safety and security, this immediate responsiveness can save lives.

Communication to All at Once

Unlike cell phones, two-way radios provide the capability of talking to many parties at once with the push of a button. Moreover, two-way radios can also connect to other radios, cell phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, and landlines. An Emergency Alert feature, which provides a “panic button” to connect with other radios, is the additional benefit of two way radios. A “Man Down” Lone worker feature can also be fitted which enables the sending of a series of alerts if no movement is detected by the user for a certain amount of time.

Improved Coverage Quality

Two-way radios reduce the probability of dead spots at your location or overloading of cell towers for reception. There are no network outages, and reception is clear and dependable no matter the situation. The noise-cancelling technology of Two-ways radios enables reduces the disruption of machines, wind and noise.

Complete Focus

Cell phones are designed for multiple applications, texting, social media, and accessing the Internet causing communications to be cluttered at times creating confusion and delays. On the other hand Two-way radios are designed specifically for voice communication which means they do not have the distractions and clutter.

Guaranteed Backup

For those companies that rely on landlines, two-way radios provide a secure backup in case of severe weather or other emergencies that can interfere with phone lines.

Maximised Safety

One of the primary reasons of using two way radios is safety. Two way radios ensure greater safety for factory operations. When equipment or machinery malfunctions, alerts can be generated by users or the machine itself, minimizing damage or danger. Two way radios assist in help sending notifications immediately with less time than it takes to make a cell phone or landline call, and in many instances the response can be coordinated and streamlined shaving off valuable seconds in emergency situations.

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